Huevos Divorciados con Chorizo at Mayahuel in Downtown Sacramento

It’s a startling fact that 90% of all eggs end up broken in homes. One can only hope that something positive can come out of their separation. Maybe some deviled eggs, the classic omelet, or if they’re lucky: Huevos Divorciados from Mayahuel in downtown Sacramento.

top down breffas

Mayahuel is across the street from Ella Dining Room and Bar and sports an upscale Mexican menu as well as a tequila museum. They recently started serving breffas breakfast, but you won’t find any crispy edged pancakes here. Their morning menu features classic Mexican breakfast dishes like Chilaquiles Milagrosos, Arrachera con Huevos and my pick of the day, Huevos Divorciados con Chorizo.


Their version is served with two sunny side up fried eggs that separate a fresh salsa roja (red sauce) and a warm and tangy salsa verde (green sauce), refried black beans, rice and topped with a house made chorizo.

Inside Mayahuel
The seasoning as balanced as the plate was pretty. Honestly, this restaurant should’ve been packed for breakfast based on the dishes I tried. I’ll definitely be back to make my way around the menu.


Mayahuel, 1200 K Street, Sacramento ,CA 95814

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