You Heard it Here First: Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches have hit Sacramento

Yeah, we listen to Radio Disney in the car. What?

As your Facebook wall fills with friends posting triple digit thermometer selfies (thelfies?), a warm doughnut may be the last thing on your mind. Sweet Dozen‘s new creation may just that. They recently launched “Melts” which they describe as:

A hot plain or glazed donut filled with delicious Gunther’s ice cream (vanilla bean or chocolate). 


I tried both on my visit to their doughnut shop, and eating them was a Mraz-like beautiful mess. This aptly named treat must be eaten immediately to be fully enjoyed, but each bite hits all your happy sensors. You get the magic of a warm doughnut, and the immediate cool down from some locally produced Gunther’s ice cream.

too hot to handle, too cold to hold...

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a nice crispy edged crunch from where their specially sourced machine seals the two doughnut halves around the frozen ice cream. It’s like the hand held ice cream sundae you never knew you wanted. I preferred the one with chocolate ice cream (as did my 3 daughter-assistants), but both Melts I tried were well worth the trip out to Madison Avenue.

crispy edges

The owners of Sweet Dozen said they’d been getting several requests from customers for a doughnut/ice cream combination, so their son traveled all over to try different varieties and came back with a machine specially designed to seal cold ice cream inside of a warm doughnut. I was told that other shops may have doughnut and ice cream sandwiches, but they were the only ones producing them warm and sealed.

At $4 a pop, they might just be “the dessert of the summer”. I’d probably brand them with a cool new name though, like doughmelts, or doughwiches. No, no, I’ve got it…Ice Cream Sandoughs!

vanilla innards

Competition in the local doughnut ice cream sandwich market is already heating up.  As I wrote this article, Baker’s Donuts in South Sacramento tagged me in this Instagram photo announcing their own donut ice cream combinations.


bakers donuts

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