Love Letter: Bud’s Buffet Pastrami Sandwich

Ah, sandwiches, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the fancy and the plain. The old-timey and the trendy. The messy and the dainty. The grilled, the toasted, the panini-ed (is that a word?). I have been on a real sandwich kick lately. Just in the last two days I’ve had a bomb-ass fried green tomato sandwich at Mother and a grilled mushroom Panini at Magpie (not to mention ramen at Ryu Jin and a burger at Nationwide – maybe I have a tapeworm).

But there is a special spot in my heart for a Bud’s Buffet sandwich. At Bud’s you view the steaming trays of meat through a sneezeguard and there are so many delightful possibilities that it can be hard to choose. The corned beef? The spicy El Diablo? After some false starts I have found my sandwich: pastrami with Swiss on a roll.

The salty pile of meat gives way with a satisfying resistance in each bite. I LOVE shredded iceberg on a sandwich. I have stated before on the record that I can forgive a crappy tomato under certain circumstances. Can I picture my grandpa eating there? If the answer is yes they are allowed to serve me an orange tomato. Everything is wrapped up in a soft white roll lined with a dab of mayo and a shmear of mustard.

I also always get a side of mashed potatoes with gravy. It comes in a little bowl with about a half gravy/half potato ratio and tastes pretty much exactly like KFC mashed potatoes. Which is a good thing.

I know I always whine about being stuck in Davis on weekdays and Bud’s is one more reason for me to whinge (which is the British version of whining). It’s open M-F 11-3. Which just makes the pastrami taste all the sweeter when I can get there.

Bud’s Buffet
1016 10th st.

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