Old Timey: Falor’s Coffee Shop

In 1928, Falor’s Coffee Shop opened in Sacramento’s Public Market building, the Julia Morgan designed retail complex at 13th and J Street. The café was founded by Richard Falor, a World War I veteran, who started with a massive Hobart coffee grinder and three stools. He roasted the coffee daily on site. To demonstrate its superior flavor, he served samples to potential customers. When customers asked for a donut or cookie with their coffee, Falor added a restaurant. Rhubarb pie and chicken and biscuits were the house specialties, made fresh every day. Using expensive Guatemalan beans, Falor’s was expensive but unmatched in quality.

In May of 1975, Falor’s closed its doors. Manager Alex Rask blamed slow business due to Convention Center construction, and less appreciation of high quality baked goods and coffee that could not compete with frozen food and canned coffee at cheaper restaurants. Rask noted that young hippies were an exception: “They seem to know good food when they eat it…we’ve never resorted to using substitutes or lowered our standards.”


Falor’s dining area, seen from second floor mezzanine.

Falor’s dining area, seen from second floor mezzanine.

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