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I revisited the Indo Café in Old Sac last week after my friend John recently posted a photo of a brightly-colored dish from there on his Facebook wall. My friends and I ordered off the yellow “Secret” Indonesian Menu, as opposed to the more Americanized colorful menu.


“Secret” menu in front

This is Ayam Sambal Sereh, a slightly spicy-sweet barbecued chicken dish my friend John recommended. It hit the spot on a warm afternoon.

Ayam Sambal Sereh

Ayam Sambal Sereh

They have pre-made appetizers in a display case, including Lemper, a sticky rice ball filled with shredded chicken cooked in coconut milk.


Lemper, on the right

One of my companions got the Nasi Kuning, a turmeric rice dish which I will return for after a sample of its richly-spiced Rendang beef. The composition of the dish reminded me of the rainbow salad from Burma Superstar in San Francisco.

Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning

I look forward to trying more dishes off their secret menu and some of their house-made beverages, including a Iced Chendol, a sweet drink made with green rice noodles. And if you are wanting to diversify your pantry, their display case is filled with imported Indonesian specialties.

Owner:Indo products

Indo Cafe’s display case full of Indonesian pantry items

Indo Cafe: 1100 Front Street, Suite 150

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