Sacramento’s Secret Weapon: The Goldilock’s Principle

I frequently chat about the present and future of Sacramento’s food scene with friends and colleagues. I’m no expert. Not even close. From my perspective people are universally optimistic about the future of our dining scene. The facts are, we have great product, we have great talent, and most importantly we’re just the right size. Admittedly, I have only spent substantive time in Sacramento restaurants, but I think there is a dynamism unique to this city due to it’s just right size. The culinary community in Sacramento is small and tight knit. Food based events like Bacon Week, The Farm to Fork Dinner, or The Burger Battle are always supported by the majority of local chefs. Being that the community is small, events like these are often held to a higher standard than larger commercialized whoop-de-doos held in bigger cities as there aren’t too many chef’s in the kitchen. It’s important that diners understand that what we have in Sacramento is special. Below is a collection of photographs from some of the collaborations of yesteryear. (Scroll down)

Back of the House
Ryan Donahue

Everyone's a Critic

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