You Heard it Here First: Jess Milbourn from The Eatery to open The Farmhouse Restaurant at Vierra Farms in West Sacramento

As one restaurant door closes, another barn door opens. The Eatery restaurant in West Sacramento closed its doors on April 20th of this year and 5 days later, Head Chef and co-owner Jess Milbourn, was already fielding emails and calls for chances at new opportunities. One of those opportunities came from Dave Vierra of Vierra Farms (home of Dave’s Pumpkin Patch) in the form of the upcoming Farmhouse restaurant.

Farmhouse Restaurant

Beginning this summer, Milbourn will run the food concessions at Vierra Farms in the form of a roadside grill serving a casual lunch a dinner five days a week. They will also be hosting pop-up dinners as they work on converting the existing ranch house into The Farmhouse restaurant which will serve a “contemporary farmhouse cuisine” on the 4 acre site. While the roadside grill will open this Summer, The Farmhouse restaurant is set to be fully converted in about a year. Vierra Farms is just 4 miles away from The Eatery’s old location on Jefferson Blvd in West Sacramento.

Taste California

The goal for the new restaurant is to create a vertically integrated farmhouse dining experience. That means the produce from the restaurant will come from the farm surrounding it. “I want to produce the food I cook and forage for anything we can’t,” Milbourn said by email. “We are located in the delta, right on the river and I’ve already found wild raspberries, walnuts, blackberries and a ton of mushrooms that I need to get examined, but I’m hoping at least some are edible”

Roadside Grill

In the next month or so, the casual outdoor roadside dining will begin with pig sandwiches, brisket, ribs, lots of fire grilled and smoked meats, bbq beans, corn on the cob from and more as they experiment and hone in on the cuisine they’ll be featuring at The Farmhouse. Chef Milbourn says that experimentation might include building out “a chicken ranch for eggs and meat” as well as an apiary for their own hella local honey, “a restaurant specific greenhouse for interesting vegetables” producing their own charcoal and maybe a “flour mill and anything else we think is rad”.


Can I get a high 5 for penning an article about a restaurant that is literally ON a farm and not saying farm-to-fork a single time?  Well, maybe that one time just then, but that totally doesn’t count.

Vierra Drive

The upcoming roadhouse grill and The Farmhouse Restaurant will be at Vierra Farms, 3010 Burrows Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691

I asked Chef Milbourn if they had a theme song and he picked “Hello Operator”. Enjoy :)

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