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Brian “Guido” Guido is a man enamored of meat (see picture above). Along with Sacramento News & Review editor Nick Miller he is the co-creator of the rip-roaring Sacramento Baconfest.  So you could definitely say he’s done a service for the entire city.

He’s married to food writer and Undercover Caterer blogger Sarah Singleton (ooh she has a pic of June’s macaroni salad up at the top of the homepage right now). Between the two of them the level of delicious food in their period-correct 60s-era home must be off the charts.  Here’s what he ate for a week:

Thursday, May 15th

Breakfast: Small cup of coffee black, handful of raw mission almonds and a glass of water, exciting eh?


Lunch: Spicy chicken and asparagus over steamed rice at Gam Li Sig


Dinner: Homemade veggie beans and fingering potato nachos, Ace cider and Brown Cow yogurt with dried cherries and granola

Friday, May 16th




Breakfast: Small iced coffee and blueberry/lemon/poppy seed muffin from Yellowbill

Lunch: Chicken kebab sandwich from Le Croissant






Dinner: avocado tacos at home, water, Fresh cherry and nectarine Mai Tai’s at Grange


Saturday, May 17th

Breakfast: Coffee, a few Guinness and farmers breakfast at DeVere’s

Lunch: None, unless you consider more Guinness at Bonn Lair

Pre-soccer match beer at Track 7, Cider at Two Rivers tailgate party

Dinner: Hughes stadium for the Republic FC match, hot dog and nachos

Sunday, May 18th

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Fennel salami and butter sandwich on sourdough at home. (Editor: I like the grandpa-style use of butter on this sandwich – I will have to try this at home)

Dinner: Teriyaki chicken don buri from Akebono

Monday, May 19th

Breakfast: Chocolate Fish iced coffee and blueberry/lemon/poppyseed muffin from Yellowbill café

kabob sandwich

Lunch: Chicken kebab sandwich from Le Croissant, I know live this sandwich! Get it on the roll, no tomatoes, extra pickles and mustard. Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday just $4.25!


Tuesday, May 20th

Breakfast: Just coffee

Lunch: House salad with creamy dill dressing from La Bou


Dinner: Waterboy with Sarah for my birthday. Two glasses of red wine, water; sautéed veal sweetbreads with mushrooms, capers, tomato, marsala, demi glacé; Maiale tonnato made with Llano Seco pork loin, tonnato sauce, local asparagus, favas, capers and chopped egg; mixed grill with loin lamb chop, Llano Seco pork belly and sweetbreads, quinoa, glazed carrots, Tokyo turnips, and rosemary shallot jus; crème brulee. (Editor: This is inspiring me to eat at Waterboy soon! I love that tonnato.)

Wednesday, May 21sr – my birthday

Breakfast: Non-fat latte at Yellowbill

nationwideLunch: Single ground French steak burger at Nationwide Freezer Meats, water (Editor: my favorite burger in the world.)

Dinner: Three bean salad and sautéed squash with pesto and a glass of beer

Thursday, May 22nd

Breakfast: Black coffee and a handful of almonds






Lunch: Shortrib burrito, add kimchi from Gogi, Arnold Palmer

Dinner: Elixer burger with fries, beers at Witch Room

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