You Heard It Here First: Sausage Sandwiches and the Power of a Tweet

Remember the debate about how big of a role Twitter played in the Arab Spring? Well I’m not going to chime in on that. But it looks like it might have had a pretty big impact on the lunchtime landscape of Sacramento. About a month ago, Chris Macias wrote a piece in the Sacramento Bee that took stock of Sacramento’s current food scene and then talked about what’s missing. He also asked his readers via Twitter what their ideas were and posted some of the best ideas in a follow-up post.

One of the best ideas was also the most simple!


Lo and behold, last Friday while buying sausages at Morant’s  for a birthday party, I saw one of the nice, stoic guys that work there manning a grill set up in the parking lot. Last Friday they were grilling up Italians, Louisiana Hots, Polish, Cheboygans, and a few other brats and links. The sign out front says, “Sausage Sandwiches $6.00; with salad $7.00”.


Whether Morant’s sagely responded to the internet chatter, or whether this was in the works before Macias’s article is a matter for debate. What’s not debatable is that lunch on Franklin just got even better! For now the sandwiches are available on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30-3 pm.

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