Eat Better

I want to call your attention over to the event at right because it is tonight. This is a “dinner and a show” at Witch Room put on by Eat Better. Like ’em on facebook. They are a fun group of kids learning and teaching about cooking in the name of health. Byron Neville, one of the founders, is going to be contributing soon to Foodways to document one of their events. They usually bring music into them, either DJs or as with tonight, a live band.  Andrew Calisterio, bartender extraordinaire of Hook & Ladder will be pairing the drinks.

Full disclosure: Byron offered me free tix to write this up today. However, we had already had the plan in the works for  him to contribute before that, and I would have posted about this even if he hadn’t. I’ve been wanting to check them out forever and it’s just never worked out.

Again, details at right and a link to buy tickets. Support these kids in their mission and eat and drink some good food!

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