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My hometown, Lincoln (home of the fighting zebras), has changed a lot in 20 years. Well, closer to 30 if you want to go back to when it was a  one stoplight town (if that) with a population of less than 4000. Now it’s got strip malls and ticky-tacky subdivisions and is mostly indistinguishable from other suburban communities. It’s about 10 times bigger, too. Marysville/Yuba used to be the big city to us! My folks don’t live there and nobody else I know does, either, so I rarely get back. But this weekend I went to check out GoatHouse Brewing. Lo and behold it’s at 600 Wise rd., out in the country and about a half mile from where I grew up!

may10Their liquor license, through no fault of their own, has a rather inconvenient clause that they can only sell tasters. They sell 6 tasters for 6 bucks – a deal. The problem for me is that I don’t like tasters. I like to commit to one or two brews. I’m just monogamous that way. I wanted their Tres Gardenias IPA (it has three types of hops) so I ordered three tasters of it. I also tried their Aye! PA, and a red ale that was brewed with wild yeast. Not pitched with Brettanomyces, rather left open so that wild yeast could just settle on it at will. It was lightly tart.





One of the best things about GoatHouse is that there are actually real for real goats which one can pet. Perhaps even better is that this 22 year old donkey, Rory, likes being pet rather than begrudgingly tolerating it as the goats seemed to be doing.
The brewers’ daughter told us all about Rory and the 30+ chickens they have and fortuitously they had eggs for sale, which were just what I needed. They had all sizes from their different types of chickens, including a green one.

may9 The taphouse is open Thursday and Friday 2-6 and Saturday and Sunday 11-4. Reservations are encouraged. It’s a perfect place to bring a picnic (and the kids!) and there is seating inside and outside.

Look for part 2 of my hometown adventure in which I shockingly encounter some decent food inside a casino!









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