The Madame Cristo at Tower Cafe is the Hannah Montana of Sacramento Breakfasts

When the server pushes that breakfast menu in front of me, I’m hit with the same panic-inducing dilemma every time: sweet or savory? Eggs or pancakes? French Toast or an omelette?

The truth is, I don’t want either/or, I want both.

I can trace the source of this ambivalence to either the Las Vegas buffets or my mom’s crispy edged pancakes that she always paired with her patented puffy scrambled eggs.  Whatever the foundation, I truly believe most important meal of the day should satiate both the sweet and savory areas of the tongue.

Unlike Sway, Tower Cafe in Downtown Sacramento has the answers. On the weekends, you’ll have to battle the fair weather bruncher crowds, but on weekday mornings you can usually walk up and get a breakfast table without a wait.

line item menu

If that sweet/savory mind battle happens to you too, the Madam Cristo covers all the bases. It’s like a mix between a classic Monte Cristo sandwich and a Croque Madame with a Benedict chaser. And let me tell you, my fellow indecisive friends, it is all encompassingly good.
Madame Cristo

They use their custard soaked French Toast for the sandwich bread, slide in some ham and swiss cheese in true Monte Cristo fashion, top it with a nice and yolk-y over medium egg and then pour some bechamel sauce on it for a decadence level up.

top cristo

I think the chef meant for the chipotle raspberry jam to be used as the sweet component for this dish, but they said “French Toast” in the description, so I feel like that gives me free license to grab the syrup jug. Flavor profiles be damned!


What happens next may be NSFW:

pour over

Now the dish has everything you need for maximum brunching.

bechamel bokeh

Let’s face it, nobody really hopes for Yin OR Yang in their life. Yin AND Yang’s the goal. Eggs and French Toast. Syrup and ham. As my great great great grandma used to say, “Breffas, like life, is about finding a good balance”. Or as child prodigy Hannah Montana so eloquently put it, “…mix it all together and you get the best of both worlds.”

$14.95 at Tower Cafe, 1518 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

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