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Ever since I heard Chris Macias and Tim Swanson on the radio promoting Feast — the new food, drink and culture section of the Bee — I’ve been pretty excited. In an era when some traditional newspapers are foundering and the mainstream interest in all things food and drink-related is elevated, I thought it was a pretty great idea to create another food-oriented section.  Feast is running on Sundays — in addition to Wednesday’s Food & Wine section — with a focus on concepts and trends in food, leaving the recipes to Wednesday. I’ll be honest, I don’t get the Bee, but my grandma dutifully saves me the Food & Wine section every week. I usually spend about two to three minutes perusing it, and then pop it into the recycling bin. I know there is good stuff in there, but something about the layout, and the front page focus on recipes and ingredients just didn’t strike a cord with me.  I usually have better luck finding relevant information on the SacBee Appetizers blog which I typically check every other day.


This is all leading up to say that I am stoked on Feast! I’ve been enjoying it for the last couple months (thanks Grandma!) but the most recent issue inspired me to write up this little shout-out. Right off the bat I was excited to see Blair Anthony Roberston’s review of Yang’s Noodles, one of my favorite restaurants in town. His excitement is palpable, and he deftly conveyed the experience of trying and enjoying several dishes on the menu. Macias’s article on Filipino food in Sac is perfect! Without realizing that Filipino food has been identified nationally as a new food trend, it has been on my mind a lot lately. Macias identified many of the mysteries involving access to Filipino food in Sac, and inspired me to make more of an effort to get to know it better. There’s also an interesting profile on the owner of Curtis Park Market and his beer selection and a thoughtful tidbit on Trails Restaurant and the future of classic restaurants in Sac! Four stories of great interest to me all in one issue!

One final thought in regard to the Insight interview, where I first heard about Feast. Rick Kushman, the interviewer, threw a little shade on Roberston, mentioning that he was too mean in his reviews. Without intending to stir up any additional drama, I’d like to give an additional shout-out to Robertston, for providing some of the only actual criticism in town. I have the luxury of writing about things I’ve already decided I like: wine, restaurants, a neat vegetable found at the market. No one is counting on me to provide bona fide journalistic criticism, thank goodness. But I’m even more thankful that someone else is willing to do it. Sac is such a small town that it’s hard to tell unwelcome truths about popular establishments!

If you aren’t already doing so, check out Feast — the food and drink writers are really upping their game!

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