How Does My Garden Grow?

garden8It’s hard to make the topic of gardening exciting, and I probably won’t be able to, but in the upcoming months I’m going to post here and there to track the progress of my little plot of land. Specifically a 12X12 parcel in a community garden on 26th and C. I have no kind of green thumb whatsoever but I’ve learned some lessons over time – mostly about getting less and less ambitious and sticking to the few things I can actually grow. That’s not my plot above, just a general view of the garden.


I hadn’t gone for a couple of months and I was almost ready to hang it up as a gardener. I always feel guilty for not spending more time. When I went to scope it out I found this crazy mélange of bolted lettuce, and volunteer, pansies, sunflowers and poppies. How can I give up on a garden that hasn’t given up on me, even with months of very little rain? That’s even a brave little volunteer tomato on the bottom right.

Here’s another view with some wild monster chard.

garden1Here’s another part of our plot. So after my garden tugged at my heartstrings it was off to Tallini’s for three tomato plants and an epazote plant. Epazote is a strong, pungent herb with an almost gasoline-y odor, which tastes somewhere between citrus and licorice. Really, it just tastes like epazote. It’s awesome in beans. Cookbooks will always say to use it with black beans but I make my pintos with lard and a few leaves of epazote. Long story short, I planted it and it was dead dead dead when I went beck to water the tomatoes. Mercado Loco usually has it.

I’ll keep posting the progress around the garden. There are fruit trees and even a hop trellis so I’ll try to keep things exciting.

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