The Mancakes at Four Sister’s Cafe in Roseville are Way Better Than Manwich for Breakfast

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When’s the last time you went to the mall? I mean a full on store cruising, several hour wasting, Cinnabon scented, fully air-conditioned, hyper-consumer bender? Well the next time you’re headed to the Westfield Galleria in Roseville for a day of corporate brand servitude, you may want to hang a right onto Stanford Ranch Road instead of making that left on Galleria Parkway, so you can fuel up at Four Sister’s Cafe.

They have a dish there called “Mancakes”. No, this isn’t a soylent green infused breakfast stack. What we have here is a couple of buttermilk pancakes chock-full of juicy bits of sausage and sizable chunks of house cured bacon. The result is a salty, smoky, sweet breakfast worth a weekend drive.

Take a look:

Mancakes with a side of bacon and eggs

Like buttah
mancakes with butta


halfway point


Did you miss that butter shot? Here it is again in HD:

These cakes will run you about $8 for a stack of 2 (add $2 and some change for the optional side of bacon and eggs). Four Sisters Cafe – 9050 Fairway Dr #165, Roseville, CA 95677

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