Foot In Mouth Disease

OK, I can’t let this go by without a comment – the owners of Capital Dime (not exactly the best track record! – see BAR’s scathing review) are taking over Tuli. Fine, great. Seems like a nice neighborhood spot and when I reviewed it years ago I liked the food. Today in the Bee there was a piece that quoted one of the owners, Rick Lobley, as saying, “Why pizza? (hmm..maybe because that was a big focus of Tuli already and the kitchen’s most prominent feature is a wood-fired pizza oven?). “I’m tired of driving two hours to get a really good pizza”…”We’re going back to the way they made pizza 1,000 years ago, but with fresh regional ingredients” (Were there any other kinds of ingredient 1000 years ago? Did they have planes, trains and trucks back then to transport food? Were Viking ships transporting vegetables around the world?)…”I found really good cheese” (thank god someone is finally using good cheese on pizzas in Sacramento! No more of that Kraft shredded stuff that Masullo uses)… etc.

Foot, meet mouth. This shows a total ignorance of what’s going on in Sacramento. What about Hot Italian, One Speed and Masullo, just to start?

[UPDATE] Read Becky’s follow up interview with the chef and owners of Trick Pony.

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