Missed Connection: The Squeaker

Mr. Blackwell and I made our way out to Fahrenheit 250 for their very first day of lunch service. I had heard good things about their brisket. I love brisket. And yes, the brisket is quite good. But something else caught my attention. The Squeaker. We inquired to the size of the dessert because of it’s $13 price point. Is it big? Enough for 2?

Jump cut.

When I was 19 I was cash-poor but rich in friends with cheap pot. I had a friend who had his room in a garage. A typical night would consist of smoking pot, walking through a hole in a fence to a liquor store and buying $4 worth of nutty bars and Sobe’s . I can’t remember for sure but I think there was a bean bag chair and there was for sure a lot of Pink Floyd and Zeppelin on magnetic tape. One night we felt particularly spendy and walked an extra block to Lou’s Burgers (now Sam’s) on Auburn Blvd. Lou’s was open late and ‘manned’ by 2 rather surly women. I recall our elation when we found we could add caramelized onions to our burgers and our shock when the cashier announced, “Hey Martha… pile on those onions because these boys look stoned!” Imaginary heads exploded all over the place. For me, this was a monumental moment in the possibilities of customer service.

Those days we often ruminated on the best food for the stoned. Over a decade later (er…today), I have found the ultimate stoner fodder. I should note that there have likely been better conceived concoctions that have been assembled in gas station convenience stores and dorm rooms but the Squeaker is on a menu at a restaurant and can be consumed in public without ridicule.

What is it? Not sure. There is a brownie topped with a quart of whipped toppings. It’s a big brownie and you have to dig for it. 

Is it innovative? No. It’s simply huge. I doubt it will last in it’s current form. The sober will surely complain. If you happen to be 19(ish) and cash poor/stoned get the brisket and then the Squeaker. You will have a story to tell.



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