3 Sacramento Croissant/Donut Hybrids to Satisfy Your Cronut Jones

You know those mornings when your sweet tooth is telling you to have a donut for breakfast, but your classy side says a croissant would be more continental? Well Dominique Ansel MacGuyver’d the hell out of that problem last year when he created the Cronut® (yes, it’s actually a registered trademark…I hope this article isn’t dry snitching on the local takes on his inspired dessert). Since he’s in New York and we’re in Sacramento, here are three local cronut-like objects to satisfy your ambivalent breakfast desires.

Sweet Dozen

Sweet Dozen sits in the same strip mall as Wiener Works on Madison Avenue and they were one of the first in Sacramento to feature a Doissant (donut + croissant).

During my initial visit last August, I walked in just as they were finishing up their latest batch and the owner asked me if I could wait a few minutes. I wanted to hug her when she handed me a warm box of hella glazed donuts. That first bite had me feeling like the intro to Otis.


I have fond memories of eating warm glazed donuts from Southern Maid Donuts, and that first bite took me all the way back. If you’ve from Shreveport, Louisiana you know about that 4pm rush to Hearne Ave to get one of the first hot dozens. I’ve eaten some fancy donuts and to this day that hot Southern Maid Donut is still the best ever. Fun fact: Elvis made only one commercial in his life and it was for Southern Made Donuts in Shreveport.

Chocolate Doissant

But I digress…the layers of buttery croissant dough get soaked by the warm melted glaze made this the sweetest, but least crispy of the 3 places I tried. The doissants I sampled last year had more glaze, but the owner of the shop is super nice, so I wouldn’t be surprised if when you placed your custom doissant order that you could ask for extra glaze. My guess is that they cut back on the glaze because someone complained they were too sweet.

Glazed Doissant



Bakers Donuts

Bakers Donuts is on Florin Road in South Sacramento in its own building where if you time it just right, you’ll see the bakery cast a shadow on the Krispy Kreme right across the street. I don’t know if it’s sheer creativity or the pressure of having a corporate donut giant breathing down their neck, but Bakers Donuts definitely wins for the best variety of “cronuts” on hand.

Mixed Cronut Dozen

For research purposes, I tried 4 different flavors, although I think they had twice that available on the day I went. I was told by the owner’s son that they keep their “cronuts” ready and “plain” until the customer tells them what kind they want and then they get all done up like you see above.

Maple Bacon Cronut

These were sweeter than Sweet Dozen’s current offering and the since they weren’t warm, they had a nice crunch from being fried. They weren’t as buttery as Sweet Dozen’s, but still damn good. The maple bacon and maple espresso flavors were the stand out flavors. They’ll also customize and mix and match flavors on request (chocolate espresso bacon?).

Chocolate Croissant Doughnut



Estelle’s Patisserie on K Street downtown opened in December of 2011 and started “Croixnut Sundays” when the croissant doughnut frenzy hit Sacramento last year. Each Sunday (and Sunday only) they offer 2 flavors of Croixnut. Their cinnamon sugar is usually the constant, and the second flavor changes weekly. I’ve taken scientific samples of their cinnamon sugar, maple bourbon bacon, white chocolate raspberry rose, white chocolate lavendar, coconut cream and most recently, chocolate flavors.

 Chocolate Croixnut

As a classic French bakery, Estelle’s croissant game was already on point. When you bite into their cinnamon sugar croixnut, you get legit layers of light, flaky, butteriness of a true croissant and the sweetness and crunch of a fried doughnut.

Cinnamon Sugar Croixnut

The non-cinnamon-sugar flavors usually have some type of creamy filling and like a Mission Impossible message, they will surely self destruct if you choose to accept the challenge of eating one. Usually the bottom gives out due to the delicate croissant layers. Generally speaking, I prefer a non-filled doughnut, but the maple bourbon bacon flavored croixnuts I tried were well worth the mess.

Inside of a chocolate croixnut



Croixnut Cross-section

Did I miss any? What other warm doughnuts or croissant mutations are there around town?

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