Dear Diary: DJ Shaun Slaughter

avatars-000002978511-wwxn7g-cropIf you haven’t danced to Shaun Slaughter’s DJing then you probably haven’t been out dancing in Sacramento very much for over a decade. The original Lipstick (with DJ Roger Carpio) is simply legendary, and is the night that launched a 1000 hookups! He hasn’t stopped since. Last time I saw him he provided the jams for the Baconfest and even got to give out his own award.  Writing this up I realized that I’ve known this guy for like 15 years and am just now discovering he’s a foodie. He’s probably keeping a few local spots in business and maybe causing a chicken wing supply shortage at Golden Bear!

Here’s his food diary:

I should start this by saying I love food and drinks. Some friends spend their money on video games, clothes, electronics whatever….I would say the majority of my money goes towards food, drinks and travel (and honestly with DJing out of town so much, travel can be lumped in with food/drink as that’s kind of the main point of most of my trips once I get to a city)

So yeah, my wife and I eat out a lot (somewhat) trying to keep a healthy balance of the gym and clean eating vs my multiple nights out eating awesome (albeit, heavy on the calories) foods and drinks with friends.

Thursday March 20th

Breakfast: Cup of coffee with almond milk & Multi Grain Cheerios. Definitely just enough umph! to get me through my gym regime.



Lunch: Kale shake with broccoli, carrots, protein powder, blueberries, half a banana & almond milk.

Since I work at night and do mostly graphic design and online stuff all day from home, this is my usual lunch. It’s like an awesome salad in a glass. Plus like I said before, these shakes combat my nighttime indulgences to a certain degree.


DAY ONE SNACKSnack: Decided to meet Julie’s (my wife) folks at Block Butcher Bar for some fantastic charcuterie and scotch. Chef Tuohy hooked it up with a ton of cheeses, two salads to split, a whole mess of meats. I enjoyed them alongside a glass of Caol Ila 12 year. Got there just in time to see Tuohy prepping a whole lamb! It was glorious. Maybe I’m biased because my pals run the place and my wife and friends work here but this is my new favorite spot in midtown.


al pastor at Tres Hermanas – is that the famous cilantro dressing on top?



Dinner: The insanely delicious al pastor taco at Tres Hermanas. I will go on record as saying Tres has the best al pastor in town (sorry Chando’s) not to mention it’s one of my favorite bars to hang out in. Jared James and Mark Neuhauser are always awesome.

Friday March 21

Breakfast: Coffee & Multi Grain Cheerios….Honestly, it’s probably going to be this boring every day, I’m not much of a breakfast guy.

Lunch: Another kale protein shake. Last night at Golden Bear was next level I need some greens.

Snack: Boneless hot wings from Golden Bear. THESE are my kryptonite. Words cannot express how much I love these wings with ranch. It’s honestly kind of sad how fast I’ll cave on any diet to the awesome powerful hold they have over me.


OH and I also had a Track 7 Panic IPA

Dinner: Caramel Fudge ThinkThin bar…rushed to get to Golden Bear.

Saturday March 22

Breakfast (2am): OH man, when I said I’d do this diary I didn’t foresee it exposing some of my fat kid, intoxicated moments but, yep here it is……After playing with the wonderfully talented Crookone at Golden Bear, Julie, David, Coleen and I went to Ink and I had….more hot wings. I’m not proud of this but it WAS something I ate and it technically was my first meal of the day. Trust me when I say the amazing combo of tequila shots, the crappy foofy shooters Crook brought up to the booth and my late night food decision is NOT sitting well with me today.DAY THREE DINNER

Lunch: Picked up some salads and thai chips from Taylor’s Market in Curtis Park and walked down to Land Park to enjoy them with some geese and my wife in the sunshine.

Dinner: Thai Canteen! For our starters we got the crispy fried taro and satapana ordered us some off the menu pork deliciousness. For my main course I got the gkuay diow reur which is essentially a sweet & spicy ramen bowl that was like magic in my mouth. Seriously great stuff. Super glad my pal recommended this place, I’ll definitely be coming back!


Sunday March 23

Breakfast/Brunch: Red Rabbit. Wow. What started as a simple, “Let’s meet some pals for brunch” turned into Matt Nurge (one of the owners of RR) suppling us with WAY too many carafes of mimosas and shots of Buffalo Trace. I ordered the “veghead” w/ bacon in an attempt to be healthy-ish and then proceeded to nap to Planet Earth with Jules and the cats on the couch. (that many mimosas!)

Dinner: A bowl of cheerios. Had to rush to play a Kahlua sponsored thing at Capitol Bowl which ended up being CRAZY fun surprisingly enough. Open bar, open bowling. Oh I had some nachos at the bowling alley because C’MON it’s a bowling alley and who doesn’t love shitty cheese over chips?


Monday March 24




Breakfast: Multigrain Cheerios & Coffee.

Lunch: Power Bar and a lil’ Babybel cheese.

Snack: Caramelized onion Potter’s Crackers and Taylor’s basil pesto spread w/ pine nuts.

julie's dinner

Dinner: Julie made dinner at home. Shredded kale and brussels sprout salad w citrus vinaigrette & parmesan shavings w/ breaded Quorn chicken breasts. + cheesy chipotle kale chips. The lady can cook and make even the simplest things extraordinary.

Tuesday March 25

Breakfast: Multigrain Cheerios & coffee

Lunch: Kale shake with broccoli, carrots, protein powder, blueberries, half a banana & almond milk.


Dinner: Dropped by Mother to say hi to Mike & Lisa and DESTROY the Nut/Carrot burger, which I totally love but totally blew it and didn’t get it “pro style” so i’ll definitely be going back later this week (I love this burger too and am intrigued by “pro style). Oh, and I also got the asparagus which was super delicious. I know it’s been said a million, trillion times by a million, trillion friends but this place is SO good. Vegetarian or not. Honestly, it’s just straight up comfort food.DAY SIX DINNER



After Mother, I stopped by Block Butcher Bar just in time to catch their first whiskey tasting and snag a free glass of Kilkerran single malt courtesy of my pal Justin. SUPER SUPER TASTY.

Wednesday March 26

Lunch: Kale Shake


Dinner: Jules and I split the Cajun bleu cheese burger at The Shack and washed it down with a Lagunitas Sucks and an Allagash White. OK, so it should be said that my number one favorite burger place in town is Broderick in West Sac and my number one favorite burger there is the “true bleu” but oh man, this one comes close. Delicious fluffy bun, well cooked meat, just enough bleu without being out of control and their house fries remind me of eating late night at Carrow’s after going out. YUM.

OH then we walked over to Trader Joes and grabbed some fruit gummis, chocolate-covered espresso beans and some sparkling wine for desert. Closed the night with Harry Potter.

Thursday March 27

Breakfast: Harvest Energy Power Bar


Wow, that is a serious off-the-chain sando!

Lunch: Had a super late lunch at Tank House. Ordered the turkey sando with a side of slaw and a Stone Enjoy By (4/20).  A) This is hands down my favorite non-burger sandwich in Sacramento and B) I normally hate slaw but MY LORD the combo of the sandwich and the slaw was PERFECT!  and C. Tyler filled my WHOLE stein up with that beer – I left sideways.

Tyler told me they brine and then smoke the shit out of the turkey which is why it’s flavor is SO unique and SO good. I guess it was supposed to be a limited time menu item but they’re thinking of keeping it on the menu because of it’s popularity.


Dinner: This was my finale dinner and I just kind of rolled wherever our group wanted to go. We stopped by Golden Bear for a drink with friends and I ordered the chicken tacos (kind of my go-to there whenIi’m not totally starving) and OF COURSE the boneless buffalo wings because I seriously can’t look at the menu without ordering them. My self control is sad.









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