Feed a cold, starve a fever


I am sick sick sick. It’s in my lungs and if I hadn’t gotten the flu shot a few weeks ago my hypochondriac ways would probably have led to the emergency room. Instead, they led me to one of my favorite restaurants, Asian Café for the Lao version of grandma’s chicken soup: kao poon. This lemongrass-laden stuff will cure what ails you. It’s a little bland (but only in comparison to other fiery salty Lao dishes), so I only crave it when I’m sick. The rice noodles are oh-so-soft and the broth is rich with coconut milk. I specified that I wanted the cubes of blood (but not extra blood for a dollar as listed on the menu above). They are really good, kind of the consistency of tofu and not a lot more flavor than that. Sometimes blood taste a bit too, well, blood-y. There were also shreds of chicken, which one always finds in kao poon. It’s not listed on the menu. Head scratcher. This was the medium bowl and I am looking forward to having it again for lunch today. This is a signature Lao/Hmong dish and it’s always amusing at the Hmong New Year’s festival to see the many, many variations on the spelling. You learn that if it looks at all similar, whether it starts with a “b” or has a couple “h”s or whatever, it’s going to be this nourishing dish. I’ll do future posts about other must-try dishes at Asian Café.

Asian Café
2827 Norwood Avenue

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