Sit and Run: Tidbit

It took me a while to visit this spot.  For weeks, months, I would drive past or walk by and think, “Hmm. That looks like a good spot. I should eat there sometime”.  I finally did, and now I eat there on the regular.

tidbit outside

The food is good. I really like the pastrami sandwich, although it’s a little salty. The chicken sandwich is deliciousness personified (food-onified? Eating a person would be weird. Wait. Never mind). They marinate the bird first and then serve it on soft and tasty focaccia bread with homemade gucamole and cheeses and stuff. The sesame dressing on the salad is worth a return trip. And did I mention they have gelato? YES!  All kinds of flavors. I like the chocolate hazelnut.

tidbit pastrami

You can get an entrée, a side dish and a small gelato for 10 bucks. That could be the best lunch deal in Sacramento right now. The décor is sparse, but the staff is hella cool. The son does the cooking, and the mom takes the orders. It’s kinda clear he went to culinary school and talked his family into opening a restaurant.

tidbit gelato

I don’t understand why this place is not packed. Maybe I eat at odd times, but there have never been more than 3 or four people there whenever I have gone to eat. No matter, it makes me feel like I have the place all to myself. I just hope they make enough money to stay in business, because midtown needs cool unpretentious places to eat.  Sometimes I wish they were open way later (they close at 9) because a good 10 dollar meal at midnight would really make my day. [Tidbit, 1907 Capitol Ave, Sacramento – 916-442-7369]


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