Photo Dispatch: Passmore Ranch Guest Chef Dinner and Bacon Fest

I had a great weekend.

Sacramento Foodways was inspired by 2 of the reasons I find Sacramento remarkable, collaboration between chefs and our bounty of ethnic neighborhood restaurants. This dispatch concerns the former. I was lucky to attend a guest chef dinner at Passmore Ranch featuring Chef Kelly McCown (formerly of Ella and now at Goose and Gander in St. Helena) and sneak into the sold-out Bacon Fest chef’s competition at Mulvaney’s.

Michael Passmore, a sustainable fish farmer in Sloughhouse is almost more known for his generosity and gift of gab than his product (which is stellar). He has played a significant role in drawing a lot of talented people into town which has spawned more collaboration with chefs from the Napa and the Bay Area. From time to time he hosts dinners at his ranch in Sloughhouse which are intimate (limited to one chef’s table) and often infamous.

In my mind Kelly McCown is largely unheralded for his contributions to the Sacramento dining community and I think he’d prefer to keep it that way. His  Sacramento Chef’s Forum Dinner in 2010 sets the precedent for culinary collaboration in Sacramento and his guest dinner’s (another and another)at Ella though sold-out didn’t create the gravity they should have. Passmore hosted McCown whom hosted a sold-out affair also featuring the talents of Pajo Bruich, Tyler Bond, and Bill Ngo. The table was decorated to look like a river bottom and the fare was served amongst rocks and driftwood.

On Sunday I was fortunate to pop-in to the sold-out chef’s competition hosted by Patrick Mulvaney’s and Bacon Fest founder’s Guido Guido and Nick Miller. I couldn’t care less about the bacon. It could be Kohlrabi  Fest for all I care. Bacon Fest is creative collaboration at it’s best in Sacramento. Gallery starts with the most recent photos.

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