About Sacramento Foodways

The short version:

Sacramento Foodways documents and showcases Sacramento food culture through the use of articles, photography, illustrations, videos, reviews and interviews.

Origin Story

After a few meetings over beers, Korean haemul pajeon, and carnitas, we* began to dream about a website that would bring together events, reviews, interviews, video, illustrations, and beautiful photography. Something that sings the unsung song of those off the grid, neighborhood restaurants and individuals that really make the Sacramento area food scene what it is today.

Ryan came up with the sexy name and we plan to use it and the website Benjamin built to highlight the ethnic diversity of our food scene, ruminate on the explosion of culinary growth going on right now, and give tribute to the blood, sweat and tears that are behind the scenes in the kitchen of every restaurant. We will know we are doing our job right if the people toiling in those hot, cramped kitchens read the site when they have a minute to spare.

We also want this to be collaborative effort between us the creators/contributors and you the readers. We want to hear what you love and hate, what you think is overlooked or overhyped, and where you want our website to go. This is a work in progress and we want to take you along for the ride. It will  be a collaborative effort from a group of people with diverse backgrounds.

“Thing you really judge a restaurant city by, it’s not the temples of gastronomy, the special occasion restaurants. It’s the neighborhood restaurants.”Josh Ozersky


*Ryan, Michael, Becky, Benjamin,  and Rodney

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