Get It While It’s Hot: Cochinita Tacos at Chando’s Tacos

A delicious new addition was recently found on the Chando’s Tacos menu: Cochinita tacos! Cochinita is  marinated, slow-cooked pork wrapped in banana leaves. The tacos are dressed with cilantro and  red onion and a delicious but very spicy habanero salsa. It hit just the right note for me, but my dining companion freaked pretty hard at how spicy it was. As an antidote, you could order another of their current specials, the tacos de papa. Bland by contrast, but tasty nonetheless, the deep-fried taco shell contains mashed potatoes and is dressed with cabbage, crema, and a Tapatio like hot sauce. I recommend rounding out the meal with a classic carne asada taco. The citrusy, spicy, marinated and grilled steak  comes dressed with cilantro, onions, salsa verde and guacamole, and its one of the things Chando’s does best.


The spicy cochinita taco on the top; classic Chando’s asada with guacamole & salsa in the middle; and tacos de papa with sour cream and cabbage on the bottom


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