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Garrett McCord is a longtime food blogger (he’s been writing Vanilla Garlic since 2006 which is eons in blog years), food writer, and now a cookbook author. Garrett has a sharp (sometimes pointy) wit, a knack for baking, and a pathological love for cheese. He really earned my respect when he wrote a piece on exotic (to me) fruit and veggies at the Asian Farmer’s Market for Edible and blew me away with his knowledge. So what’s in his fridge?

The shocker is that I didn’t immediately see oodles of cheese, but if you zoom in you can see some in the veggie drawer. I asked Garrett what his trove consisted of and here’s his reply:

Cheeses: I have a wedge of Vermont Leyden by Grafton, a nifty cheese speckled with cumin that I love to use in sandwiches, but that I also use for soufflés (I have an amazing Leyden Souffle in my cookbook, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese.) I also have a wedge of Buttermilk Blue and the last remaining bits of Bucherondin, both of which are my go-to table cheeses as they taste great and are quite affordable.

Then there are the pickles, and two kinds of sriracha. I love how Fridgepics is reveals that in almost every refrigerator it is truly a condiment on par with ketchup. As Yakov Smirnoff would say, “What a country!:

I do scads of canning. Pickle-wise I have some pickled jalapenos and some pickled rhubarb, both often paired with cheese or added to salads. My kumquat marmalade makes use of the giant kumquat tree in my yard, and I often use it as a glaze for pork that I plan to toss on the grill. The recipe uses vanilla beans and ghost peppers and it is so fucking lovely. My hubby also has my blackberry jam open, as well as a jar of my pluot jam. There’s also a jar of rendered bacon fat because life is without meaning if you can’t fry onions in bacon fat. The sriracha and pickled Brussels sprouts are both locally made by Preservation & Co., the latter is used in pretty much everything and the latter goes into my martinis.

The peaches in heavy syrup, Pepsi, and Coffeemate really surprised me, but I think that may be the roommate’s:

As for the rice? The package said to store it in the fridge. It’s a first for me so we’ll see what’s what. My roommate keeps a few condiments here as well, but he normally lives on food made from jars or boxes. There is a veritable crate of Kraft mac in my garage that makes me weep.

Not really any exotic produce, except the green garlic. I know that’s a chef-prized ingredient but I don’t know what one does with it.  What does it taste like?

Thanks, Garrett for the glimpse into the window of your soul, your refrigerator.


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