Love Letter: The Little Cactus Special

Look at that beauty resting there proud and colorful. Nopalitos is on the long list of  places I can never go because I’m always in Davis. Due to fix50 circumstances I got to visit recently. I love you fix50! You can go on forever as far as I am concerned.

In a four star review in The Bee in 2011, BAR noted that Rick Mahan of the Waterboy is a big fan.

Because I visit extremely infrequently, I always order the Little Cactus Special. What a cute name! It’s a pancake-shaped patty composed of eggs, cactus, corn and cheese. Ya gotta get a mix of the slightly sweet ranchero sauce and the smoky green chili sauce for the full effect. There are sweet nuggets of corn studded here and there and it’s cheesy and satisfying. In fact, Nopalitos has mastered the combination of deeply savory and sweet.

salsaThis pickled, spicy mélange of nopalito, onion, and roasted chili must be liberally spread on the top – it’s the hottest of the salsa selection. The sour cream cools your tongue down. This is a total local hangout – there was a birthday party going on at 10:30 last time I went. It’s one of those Sacramento gems that quietly soldiers on, putting out exceptional grub. It would be a great place to take out-of-town guests if you are entertaining during the hard-to-fit-in hours of 6:30 AM TO 2:30 PM (breakfast service ends at 10:45). Wait a minute hold the phone. Those early opening hours mean I can go BEFORE work. Finally writing for this online rag pays off.


Nopalitos Southwest Cafe

5530 H Street.



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