Love Letter: Tartine Bread

I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t know, but I’ll add my voice to the chorus and assert that Tartine’s bread is the best I’ve ever had. It’s not local of course, but I know you folks go to San Francisco so it’s easily obtained. Well, if you want to wait in line that is. Which I don’t. Ever. For anything. I know a guy who works there and always plead with him to bring me a loaf when he comes to town.

Tartine isn’t amazing just for flavor but also for its durability. As I write this it is Friday. This loaf was baked on Sunday. It toasts up just as well as it did that first day, and is still soft enough to be eaten untoasted with cheese. Of course only the first day yields a crusty outside, but no bread is magical enough to retain that.

But it hasn’t just been sitting in a ziploc bag, oh no. My friend brought this to us while we were camping in Big Sur. So this loaf sat out in the night air for at least one night. Thank goodness raccoons didn’t get to it, although it looked like it the next morning as a result of us clawing into it in the dark. We stuck hunks of it it on sticks and roasted it over the fire. We put almond butter on it. And there is still a substantial amount left. That’s how huge these loaves are.


And it’s still going! This morning I had it toasted with avocado, salt and a bit of sriracha. Heaven. OK, I’d wait in line for half an hour. But no longer than that!

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero St.
San Francisco

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