#fridgepics Exposes: Gina Funk Nelson and Josh Nelson of The Selland’s Family of Restaurants

These two are busybusybusy working in the family business. Josh is the partner and cofounder of Selland’s Fam of Restaurants and Gina handles the marketing for the entire restaurant group. Here’s a snap of their home refrigerator. Refer to this post to refresh yourself on the rules of #fridgepics: http://sacramentofoodways.com/2014/02/04/fridgepics-exposes-chef-jess-milbourn-eatery-west-sacramento/

Analysis: not dissimilar to my own fridge except lacking the 20 bottles of craft beer (yes, I do have to always bring myself into everything). This is the refrigerator of two busy people whose only meal of the day at home is probably breakfast. This is revealed by the two dozen eggs and the fruit for smoothies.  They have all the basic condiments, including two different types of Dijon and “Capitol Sriracha”? I’m not familiar. Crystal Hotsauce is an interesting choice – is there a Southerner in the family?

The sippy cup and chocolate milk betray a child’s presence, and the top-notch tonic Q Sodas could mean that someone probably likes to mix a cocktail now and then (hopefully not the kiddie). Gina reveals that the leftovers are meatloaf from Selland’s (natch) and Cielito Lindo, which she just tried and raved about.

As for dinner, they have their pick of some of the best food in Sacramento at their own restaurants, but when they cook they usually shop day of. Only natural for this farm-to-fork-family.

Selland's #fridepics

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