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It used to be that Julie Child, Justin Wilson’s Louisiana Cooking (claims to fame: “I gar-on-tee” and measuring out an exact tablespoon of salt freehand), the Frugal Gourmet, and Yan Can Cook were the only TV food game in town. If you remember all of these a) you are at least 40 b) your family did not have cable.  Now there are lifetimes worth of food programming on TV and who has the time? I am going to pop in here and there and make recommendations for you because I care. Maybe you have some recommendations for me? This is a two-way street. Well, kind of.

Let’s start with this adorable segment of the PBS series “Mind Of A Chef”. It features two of the towering giants of food – one current (April Bloomfield) and one iconic (Marcella Hazan). Someday it will be so unremarkable that they are both women that I would not beremarking on it but, here I am, remarking on it.  If you don’t know Marcella Hazan, go out an buy one of her books. They are wonderful and so simple to cook from. Many of them have 3 ingredients. I make her tomato sauce. Also, if you have not read this New Yorker profile of April Bloomfield take advantage of the fact that it is free online and read it. It is one of my favorite chef profiles.

This segment makes me want to eat my computer screen and also captures the well-known irascibility of Hazan.

Here it’s time for Hazan to school Bloomfield and Bloomfield’s nervousness is adorable. And you learn that a flashlight/salt grinder is something that exists.

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