#fridgepics Exposes: Chef Jess Milbourn of The Eatery in West Sacramento

The Premise:
You might imagine when you look inside of a chef’s refrigerator you’d see a mirror of the Chopped pantry: a fully stocked piquant paradise stocked full of a glorious gastronomic arsenal capable of whipping up any number of dishes at a moments notice.

Most chefs and people who work in restaurant kitchens have no interest (or time) to prepare the kind of meals at home that they make for you in their restaurants.

You’ll probably find some hot sauce, some type of alcohol and not much else.

The Rules:
Periodically, we’ll reach out to local chefs, line cooks and restaurant personalities and challenge them to share a picture of their refrigerator contents with us. They have to send the photo within 5 minutes of asking (to prevent fridge fluffing and stuffing to hide the embarrassing contents of their refrigerator)

Our first #fridgepics victim pioneer is Chef Jess Milbourn from The Eatery in West Sacramento.

Chef Jess Milbourn's Fridge

Right off the top, you can tell that this is a family that loves their cheese. I spot a couple fetas, a ricotta, a few slices of unapologetic American, and I think there’s even some cream cheese tucked in for good measure.

Judging by the dish of leftovers sitting under the fridge light halo, “Waste not want not” is a likely mantra in this house. Juice boxes, chocolate milk and fruit cups tell me that there’s either a kid in the house or the chef has a youthful personality. Likely both.

The sriracha (HUY FONG FOREVER) and wine confirm my hot sauce and alcohol theory (I also have it on good authority that you can find assfire at The Eatery)

I imagine this refrigerator is one of the more balanced chef refrigerators you might find. I’m spotting all the major food (plate) groups here. Fruits, vegetables, english muffins and #hellalocal eggs from the chef’s own backyard.

The appearance of The Eatery take out container at the bottom right brings us to the most important thing I learned from this revealing looking into the private life of a chef.  Apparently restaurant workers don’t live by the same time honored crack dopeman Scarface commandment:  “Don’t get high off your own supply”.

hashtag fridgepics with jess milbourn
Thanks again to Chef Jess Milbourn of The Eatery for being such a good sport about my mysterious request for a picture of his refrigerator! Which food industry professional will be brave enough to bare their soul on the next installment of #fridgepics?

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