Spoon Roundup

Shmeero Foodways! I’ve put together a list of some pretty swell spoons for ya’ll to take a gander at. Some are vintage and some are crafted by a couple of pretty neat artists.

PS. PS!!: If you’re checking in from work and maybe you’ve been in hot water with ol’ Herb grumpy pants boss man than I wouldn’t clink any of the links provided. Some of them get the party started-they have music.

01. Brass spoon coffee spoon by Reiko Fujimoto.
For a sentimental sap like myself this spoon is like the Holy Grail of spoons. Reiko Fujimoto is a skilled metal worker in Oguigawa Japan. She hammers each spoon by hand causing each one of her pieces to have their own unique rivets. Fujimoto has done a wonderful job portraying the Japanese concept wabi sabi, through materials and organically through her hand done process. Since this spoon is made out of brass it’s patina changes over time. The spoons individual rivets even causes the aging process to vary from spoon to spoon. Symbolism dudes. Each spoon (like us) has its own unique finger print, and then it ages, like us, in it’s own way. What ups this spoons cute even more is that every cup of coffee you have causes this lil bean of a spoon to grow up with you. Ya’ll finna build a life together. Grow old together-adorable! So you could say Reiko Fujimoto’s piece is probably one of the most relatable spoons you will own. Who woulda thought that could happen?! This spoon is a bit pricy for us here in the states. With shipping youre looking at a pretty chunk of money. So if coffee is your thing maybe buy a pair for when you have a friend over for coffee. You can swirl your coffee with an eye brow arched and knock the socks off your friends with your impressive knowledge and sentimental feelings on your tools being a reflection of your humanity and celebration of imperfection. Play this song while ya share your story and then do a jig across your kitchen floor to assure your friend that you, like your spoon, are an individual, and will age most definitely with some grace.
02. Match pewter spoon
These spoons remind me of some middle ages knights of the round table dinning. They’ve got this old look to them but that modern FDA food safe approved twist. I really like the open mouth and the rounded, subtly engraved handle on the cavilier spoon. It seems perfect for when I get my soup game on ( soup game = eating soup, YEAH I like to spruce up my eating by calling it cool sounding things!). These guys are pretty pricey at about 44.00 a pop. Take the time to really think about your cooking or eating to see if this guy fits your needs for a lifetime.

03. Navajo Silver Stamped Spoon
I got lost on this precious bean of a spoon guys. I went down one of those wonderful rabbit holes the internet can do to a person (if this has never happened to you please visit the Marvel universe wiki page. You’ll get a first class experience). These spoons are chock full of south western history. Just full of it. They were originally made out of Mexico’s and American silver coins. Mexico’s coins were preferred because the silver content was higher. The coins were melted down into a sheet and then shaped into the desired spoon shape. After this was done each spoon was hand stamped with designs reflective of Navajo culture (like the rolling logs), or requests were taken from the purchaser. There are several reasons why this became a trade in the Navajo community. One is the obsession for Victorian tableware in the Americas, and the influx of tourism to the southwest because of trains and automobiles. It was a thing people did back then. Go somewhere, buy a spoon. This trade dates back to at least the 1880’s and by the 1930’s Navajo Silversmiths got pretty good at forging silver spoons. If you’re gonna start collecting these spoons ya gotta be careful though. The older spoons are more easily identifiable because they look a lil more hand done, but as the craft advanced it starts to become hard to differentiate authentic spoons from fake ones. This spoon has a stamp from UITA, a non profit organization from the 30’s that was dedicated to ensuring the sales of authentic Native American art’s and crafts; promoted improved business practices among indian traders. Ultimately the UITA strived to improve the welfare of all Native Americans. They even funded many scholarships for persons living on Reservations to pursue higher education. The spoon I sourced for you all is a baby spoon so any of you parent’s out there, that are really into history, and art…well here you go. Here’s a spoon to get your little one started in their enthusiasm of the beautiful south west. If you’d like to know more about these spoons there is an amazing book by Cindra Kline that unpacks all of this a whole lot better than me. Go check it out at your local library…or buy it here.
Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 3.55.42 PM
04. Dauville Glazed Spoons-13.99 set of three.
The price is great! Three of these ceramic-gold dipped beauties for 13.99. You can easily get a set for when you have a couple of friends over. If that bootiful gold doesn’t compliment your china or tickle your fancy these spoons are also made in plantinum.
Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 3.57.41 PM
05. Gray Kunz Sauce spoon
Faithful spoon at an amazing price. I am actually a little intimidated to do a review on it since it has an overwhelming cult following in the cooking community. So just roll with me dudes. We’ll get through this. The Gray Kunz spoon is beautiful in function (which in my opinion is the best kind of beauty), it holds 2.5 table spoons, and has a tapered edge for shaping foodz. The handle is shorter and narrower making it easier to control. It’s great for those of ya’ll who take your food cooking seriously and comes at a pretty amazing price too. This spoon was designed by Chef Kunz (hence the name) and was originally only given to chefs in his kitchen. It’s now open to the public for purchasing and also has a neat perforated option. Get some guis.
06. Silver tea spoon by Mami Hasegawa
Another great hand made silver spoon from the craft masters in Japan. Mami is a pretty accredited craftsperson. She studied under metallurgist extrodinaire Hitoshi Hasegawa. If any of you took a ceramic class when you were younger and you mayhaps gifted your mother a disgusting tumor looking ashtray, you might remember how difficult it is to fashion something into a usable 3d object (ashtrays don’t count, we all know those were made out one of our desperate oh crap moments). Metal working has a very long and respected history in Japan and has changed over time. Originally many metal workers predominately made Katana swords but the use and creation of these swords were banned after WWII, and many metal artists turned to creating home goods.There are some really neat things that Japanese artists have been able to do with metal in Japan over the years and Mami Hasegawa’s work is up there. Top notch!
07. Dino large swirl spoon
Let me tell you how much I love dinosaur designs. A LOT. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT. This wilst most definitely not be the last time we talk dino resin products. This handmade piece is pricey at a hundred dollars a pop so take your time mulling over whether or not any of their pieces will actually fit your needs (this mess just gets more spendy and more odd and bootiful). They’re pretty passionate about their process. They make a clay prototype, cast it in resin, then sand and drill all these products by hand. Along with the process being the cream of the crop, dinosaurs color game is the Micheal Jordan Space jam slam dunk dudes.
Here’s another un related spoon imagethat will make ya’ll color fanatics fall out ya chairs. Have you ever seen a color that bootiful?! Dinosaur is showing us that there is still some creative room for growth-still some sploring to do visually. They balance really well playful function and beautiful execution. Basically game changers dudes. Game changers. They recently started selling bowls with spoons at a fair price for what goes into making these products. Perfect gift for your cereal eating pal.
08. Suzanne Sullivan Pink and black Spindle Spoon “Handmade in Brooklyn”
Dudes brookyln is getting named dropped in ways rappers never even dreamed of. It’s this weird trend in boutique marketing that honestly is starting to make my eyes roll. Cool dudes. Ya feel like Brooklyn is this creative wonderland now! We get it. That’s nice. It’s not going to make me buy your ceramic spoon that I am not even sure how to use or am confident that it wont do monstrous things to the inside of my mouth. This is a swell looking piece but I am not entirely sure how to use it and ya know what I don’t like having to wonder. It’s a spoon. I should instantly know how to use it. To tell the truth. The Brooklyn thing mostly fueled me giving this spoon a thumbs down. Which as I type this I am wondering how that happened-cuz this is suppose to be a list of spoons you should buy( keeping ya on your toes guys). Ya know what happened. Name dropping Brooklyn for ceramic spoons happened. Anyway, the pattern is bootiful and the shape is neat, I just don’t know if it’s a piece that you can actually use and if it’s one of them life time pieces. Take note creatives, if you’re not making rap music no one cares that you’re living in Brooklyn. It’s not a selling point, so stop using it.
09. William Rogers Silverware set
Craigslist is always worth a gander for whatever youre looking for. Here’s a whole set of silverware for 75 bucks. If silver spoons are your thing then mayhaps you want to check into the internet yard sale cluster mess that is craigslist. Maybe you will find something real cool that you always wanted. Also Craigslist is great cuz your giving your fellow man your buck so he can ya know take his dog to the vet. How can that not melt your heart and make you feel like a million bucks?! It is a score all around friends.

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