Notes from Bacon Fest: Cocktails

For many, January serves as a month of abstinence from fattening foods or alcohol in an attempt to wash away 11 months of debauchery in 1. I personally think practitioners are fooling themselves… you don’t have the healing powers of Wolverine especially if you’re doing debauchery any justice.

I don’t make intermittent efforts at health, as I prefer my decline to slide right down the far side of a bell curve (Cue Dr. looking up from his chart, “Well, we cant say we didn’t see that coming”). Steady as she goes… as they say. I will however make any attempt at flaunting my non-adherence to self-improvement any time I can. So this week, I will drink every Bacon Fest inspired cocktail. Why? Because it’s stupid. It should also be noted that I started on Wednesday. So, 4 days and a dozen restaurants (around 20 cocktails).

It should also be noted that I count Bacon Fest founders Nick Miller and Guido Guido as friends. Bacon Fest is a treasure for area restaurants and Nick and Guido spend a lot of their time organizing a series of events that support area restaurants in a typically slow season for dining out. Bacon Fest is more about about collaboration and education than it leads on. In fact, I often use Bacon Fest as a model to explain the strengths of the Sacramento food scene to the uninformed. Good product+ Talent+ Collaboration+Legwork+Snappy Artwork+ T Shirts = Winning (for all involved).

Bacon Cocktails. At first the pairing seems to be so surprisingly obvious like mayonnaise on fries, peanut butter on a cheeseburger, or cheddar on an apple pie.  But no, turns out bacon and cocktails are two good things that are almost impossible to combine… like cake and porn maybe.

Why won’t it work? Physics. Bacon should be hot and cocktails are best cold. Cocktails are liquid and bacon well, isn’t. The results are often unappetizing. Below are some photos and descriptions of attempts by area restaurants. I’ll leave the criticism to the critics. All of the competing cocktails are being judged and the results will be revealed at the sold out Chef’s competition this Sunday from where our very own Becky G will be live tweeting whilst judging.


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