Love Letter: Sabzhee Khordan

famouskWhat is one of the best things about Korean food? The banchan, right? There’s just something so incredibly welcoming about being gifted some little snacks when you are settling in at a restaurant. While the sabzhee khordan at Famous Kabob is not as elaborate as a full spread of banchan, it’s still more fun and stimulating than your standard basket of bread.  You are brought a giant disk of bubbled, charred flatbread still hot from the tandoor, (which is right near the cash register).  The nan (as Wikipedia is directing me to spell this Iranian bread – not naan) is so big that it conceals the plastic basket that it’s resting atop. Sabzhee khordan actually refers to the assortment of herbs and veggies that accompany the bread, in this case mint and cilantro, red and green onion, and sliced radishes. There is also a small block of feta-like cheese. The cheese runs out way too fast and butter is the next best thing. I even like that they usually only bring you one bread, although they would probably bring more if asked. It’s more of an appetite stimulant than just some carbs to fill up on. It paves the way for one of the delicious, healthy khoreshts (stews) that Famous Kabob serves.  I feel Famous Kabob does not get enough props, so here’s my Love Letter to one of my favorite free treats in town.

Famous Kabob
1290 Fulton Ave.

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