Vic’s Café Opening in Land Park in January

Anyone who lives in Land Park knows the neighborhood needs a coffee shop badly. There are stay-at-home parents wandering the neighborhood aimlessly with jogging strollers looking for a much-needed cup of coffee and have no place to go besides the Starbucks inside Target. I’ve been waiting with baited breath over the years to see whether Chocolate Fish, Temple or Insight would lock down a location anywhere within the rectangle of Broadway, Riverside, Sutterville, and Freeport, but nothing ever happened. I guess it took someone who really knew Land Park to fill the void.

Craig Rutledge of Vic’s Ice Cream is opening a cafe next door to the fountain shop on Riverside Blvd. They’ll be selling Temple’s coffee (one of 47 wholesale outlets doing this) and the Vic’s Café employees underwent fairly intensive training by the Temple staff, so hopefully the quality is comparable.  Look for Vic’s Café to open in January!


Vic's Cafe

Vic’s Cafe








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