Love Letter: Golden Cadillac

Sure, sure some in this city are fighting tooth-and-nail to establish a farm-to-forking city identity, but there aren’t many dishes that are indigenous to the greater Sacramento area. Where are our Philly Cheesesteaks or Oysters Rockefeller? Well, we’ve got the Hangtown Fry (Placerville) and in the booze department we’ve got the Golden Cadillac, which originated at Poor Red’s BBQ in El Dorado (the first version of this post incorrectly said “Ed Dorado Hills”).

The Golden Cadillac Cocktail is a frothy, fatty mix of Galliano, Creme de Cacao, and big glugs of half and half, blended up with some ice. It’s like an herbal digestif milkshake and I will drink the crap out of it. I cop to the fact that this is largely for the kitsch factor, so I indulge once or maybe twice a year.

Amaro cocktails(made with Italian herbal liqueurs such as Fernet Branca) are quite trendy lately, but Galliano gets no respect, even though it’s from an 1896 recipe and contains just as many herbs as most. Galliano is also an ingredient of that 70s staple, the Harvey Wallbanger, the drink I remember from my childhood because the name sounds vaguely dirty (a la the Screwdriver).

The closest (and most fitting) place to get this old-timey cocktails is The Backdoor Lounge in Old Sac. Every single bartender there is a firecracker and most likely a good-time gal. My only quibble with their version is that there is never enough ice. Maybe next time I’ll request it, and will most likely get a sassy remark in return.

Golden Cadillac from The Backdoor Lounge

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