Why go to Joe’s Crab Shack…

When you can get crabs in the comfort of your own home? Everybody loves a vulgar, dumb crab pun, right? Do people even get crabs anymore? It seems really 70s. I think my mom got them from the sheets in a hotel in Tijuana once before I was born. Hope she doesn’t read this!IMG_1134

I picked up my crabs at Sunh Fish. I promise that SacFoodways is not an advertising medium for Sunh Fish (see this earlier post), it just happens to be the closest spot for me to get live crabs.

Right now they are $5.99 a pound and on the small side. I didn’t notice until I got home that one of mine was missing his prized front claw! By the way, I do happen to know that it was male (I’m not just being sexist) because commercial fisherman have to throw she-crabs back.

I stored them in the fridge and then boiled some briny water. Well first, I freaked out my cat by showing her the bag with the weird scrabbling, burbling noises coming out of it. If I had a child I would have done the same thing to him/her at this point.

It’s a good idea to cool the crabs down to dope them up a little; if you don’t you may have to do some scary crab wrangling. I once saw a friend get pinched. Some people have techniques that they view as more humane than boiling but I basically view them as big spiders to it’s not too hard for me to shove ’em in the pot. Here is a very entertaining thread on chowhound about the many ways to kill a crab.

Since these were small I boiled them for closer to ten than 15 minutes.

IMG_1142 Here they are post-cooking just chillin’ in the sink.  I don’t know how to properly crack a crab so any pictures after this point would be disgusting. This time I washed out all the guts and yellow tomalley (ewww…the hepatopancreas?), which some people like. I like it in moderation to dip the crab meat in. Pulling out the gills is the grossest part by far. Some people call them “dead man’s fingers”, which does sound kind of yummy.

A friend and I set to work, seasoning the meat only with lemon and sometimes a bit of a sauce made with hot chili oil, chopped ginger, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. Sorry, Caligula, I am not a fan of butter on already-rich foods. Add a bit of coleslaw and a few slices of sourdough on the side and it’s a locally-sourced feast fit for a She-Crab.

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