Are the best pancakes in Sacramento at a Chinese restaurant?

As you come off 16th Street exit of the westbound I-80 freeway on your way to the heart of downtown Sacramento, you may have sped right by one of the best pancakes the city has to offer. They’re hiding on the breakfast menu of the Chinese restaurant you probably passed a half a dozen times.

With a name like “Harry’s Cafe”, you may not have even realized it was a Chinese restaurant.

You can add all the fancy flavors you want, but a next level pancake to me is like a next level weave…you’ve gotta have quality edges.

2 Pancakes

Fluffy pancakes are nice and all (and tall), but like Mitch Hedberg says, halfway through you might get tired out. Crispy edges on pancakes add that perfect texture element to keep you excited all the way through the stack.

The breakfast menu at Henry’s Cafe has a few winners. Breakfast fried rice with scrambled eggs and bacon (or sausage), a simple breakfast sandwich and you’ve gotta love a place that has the audacity of hope to have a line item for “2 Pancakes and a Waffle”. But the Beyoncé to the Destiny’s Child of a menu are the pancakes. Those beautiful crispy edged pancakes are so bold they don’t even come in the traditional stack of 3. A pair is all you need.

To get those crispy edges, you have to be committed to the lard. A simple flattop won’t do here. There’s got to be some butter, grease or some other kind of often avoided oil product to make those edges bubble and reach their full Maillardian potential.

I’m surprised there aren’t more pancakes in the Sacramento area with the crispy edge factor. Join the Breffas Club. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter with the #breffasclub hashtag if you’ve had pancakes in a local restaurant that have those crunchy edges like mama used to make.


Breakfast Fried Rice


Inside of Harry's Cafe Menu


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